Platinum Roses’ Garden – January 4 2009


PRG is back on the air for the first time in over a year, and boy are you in for an earful!


On my return engagement, the platinum is still shiny, the roses still have nice big thorns, and the lady is …well…the lady is me….and trust me this lady CAN be a tramp!

On the show this week, a little background for people who have NEVER heard my show before, as well as some blatant self promotion (as opposed to some blatant self abuse….), reviews of the latest episodes of  Supernatural and CSI (the ORIGINAL and BEST), my Weird News Of The Week, My Roses and Thorns, and other randomness with a side order of insanity…

All this (and maybe a bit more) in this week’s Platinum Roses’ Garden.

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Here’s your key to hearing my deepest and innermost scary thoughts…

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