Platinum Roses’ Garden – January 18 2009

This week, another sojourn into my twisted psyche, looking at the upcoming inauguration, talking about weather in New England – Ugh! – and a lot of really random sh…um, STUFF….

Plus reviews for Supernatural – "Family Remains", and CSI – "One To Go", and I got an early valentine…only its kind of red ‘n drippy….MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3-D reviewed.

And the usual stuff – What I’m Reading, Roses and Thorns (actually, a double rose this week), and other random petals…

Podsafe Music from Knapsack Heroes ("You Don’t Know Sarah") and Michael Mucklow ("Morning Solace"), courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network.


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Hope y’all love it – see ya in 7!

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