Platinum Roses’ Garden – September 27 2009


I was out sick last week, i’m sorry…guess I didn’t plant enough echenica this year…or whatever the hell that stuff is…


INTRO – All the general news

CARRY ON WAYWARD SON – “Supernatural” – “Free To Be You And Me”

EASY READER – “The Body In The Bonfire” & “The Body In The Lighthouse”

MOVIE NEWS – “ZombieLand”

WEIRD -Texting while driving


Next Show – Sunday October 4, 2009 (I promise this time…again…)

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1 Responses to Platinum Roses’ Garden – September 27 2009

  1. Elise says:

    Somebody else noticed that in the episode that Sam and Dean kept seeing people who looked like each other. (espically now that they have a Dean body double cast)don't feel sad! i cried too. a little bit, with the opening montage.the new tittle is soooo blood in the water! and there's a heart beat in the back ground. i think it might imply: sam's addiction, family blood ties, war, sharks… I love it. Keith is the worst name EVER!!It's not cruel to make fun of FBI!Cas he was really adorable.Comparing Cas=to a hoar? WIN!didn't you love how in the begining sam sleeps shirtless but at the end he decieded to wear pjs before going to bed? *oy*thanks for reviewing Zombieland! I'm so excited to go see it!Excllent update Kim!The Tribble Master