Platinum Roses’ Garden – December 22, 2010


I’m sorry I’m a bit late this week – I had to do some last minute weeding in the Garden before I could record…but we’re all here now…



CARRY ON WAYWARD SON – “Supernatural” -The Road So Far – my look at the season thus far


Next Show – Coming soon…watch for the date!

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Subject:CINEMA – -This week, we did TWO shows, one on Jackie Chan and one on New Years in the movies. This coming week, catch our year end catch up show, and on New Years Eve, the SIXTH ANNUAL POPPIES AND ROSIES AWARDS!


Mirrorball Mayhem – – our brand new midseason update with all the latest gossip and casting rumors will be up on Friday, December 24th!

I also want to tell you that the Garden is moving…sort of…the BRAND NEW PRG Website will make it’s debut on Friday or Saturday- it’s got TONS of new cool stuff and was put together by my wonderful DH, and so beginning next show, you’ll be automatically forwarded there. We’ll try to forward our show notes too, so if you’ve subscribed, you’ll get those too..the show, however, is not moving and will remain a MEVIO show! So be sure to check out the site this weekend and see the brand new site! This is the LAST POST that i’ll be making on this old site – but don’t worry, if you’re bookmark is to the main domain at, all will be right with the world…

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