Platinum Roses’ Garden – November 2 2013


Thank you all for dropping by to Platinum Roses’ Garden, the “ Supernatural ” Podcast, for the Winchester Lover in Everyone….

HOLY CRAP! I’m BAAAAAAACCCCCKKKKKK!! I’m so happy to be back in the Garden that I’m bouncing around and squishing all my plants…grrrr…


Hellos and Howdys

CARRY ON WAYWARD SON – “Slumber Party”

There is a great open letter from FarAwayEyes that every “Supernatural” fan needs to hear – so i’m gonna read it for you. And check out more great stuff at


PNRBoston. Com and Subject:CINEMA (that’s US Folks!) are teaming with Tugg to bring you the Boston Area premiere of the dual Sundance Doc winner BLOOD BROTHER! If you live in the Boston area, please come and join us on Wednesday, November 13, 7:30 PM @ Showcase Cinemas Revere! This is A NOT TO MISS film that we haven’t stopped talking about since we saw it in April at the Independent Film Festival of Boston, and now we want to share this wonderful, truly uplifting film with YOU. We must secure 61 people for the screening to take place, so please visit and order your tickets NOW – we must pass our threshhold by Monday November 4!  Tickets are $12 per person, and all proceeds earned by SC/PNRBoston will be donated to Rocky’s kids! For more information on the film and how YOU TOO can host a screening of this magical film, visit

Next Show  – November 9 2013 – and don’t forget  PRG will now be on Saturdays, since they moved the show to Tuesdays…and watched it explode in the ratings…

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Subject:CINEMA – our weekly film podcast, with our weekly topic, the latest news, and much more extensive film reviews than I give here…every Sunday at 6 PM ET (or there abouts…usually….)

And where can you find it, Kiddies? Why at   of course!


Mirrorball Mayhem – All our nuttiness in covering the current season of Dancing With The Stars – don’t miss the hilarity at every Tuesday!

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