Platinum Roses’ Garden – February 23 2014


Thank you all for dropping by to Platinum Roses’ Garden, the “ Supernatural ” Podcast, for the Winchester Lover in Everyone….

We’re back with new episodes this week – another mini-hellatus gone…


Hellos and Howdys

CARRY ON WAYWARD SON – Supernatural Spotlight: Fan Art


A WORD ABOUT THIS WEEKS SHOW – We had our music drive crash a couple weeks ago and as yet my wonderful, long suffering SO has NOT been able to get it to work again. The computer can see it but refused to recognize it. This is why we have completely different interstitial music, no Kansas, and no end theme as we know it on this show. It’s playing havoc with our production, and we’re sorry.

Next Show  – March 1 2014

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Subject:CINEMA – our weekly film podcast, with our weekly topic, the latest news, and much more extensive film reviews than I give here…every Sunday at 6 PM ET (or there abouts…usually….) And this weekend is the first of our two big year end shows, see info in this week’s show about it, natch!

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