All PNR Networks shows from Kim and TC off this week due to illness

Hi all – TC Here – over on Platinum Roses’ Garden, I’m known as “DH”…heh heh heh..

I’m here to let everyone know that ALL of our shows – Platinum Roses’ Garden, Mirrorball Mayhem’s Minion Mashup, and Subject:CINEMA – will not be done this week. Kim has been seriously ill with a bad cold since this past Tuesday, and is still down with it – in fact, she had a fever until just early this morning.

As a result, she’s not feeling well, her voice is shot, and she is coughing constantly, and trying to do a show or three this weekend is just out of the question.

Both PRG and M4 will return next weekend – both will be on SUNDAY instead of their usual day due to a previous committment to the Independent Film Festival of Boston next week – and cover two weeks’ worth of shows; Subject:CINEMA is mostly unaffected except by our current Rising Stars Ultimate Countdown and we’ll simply do two spots on the countdown when we return with our Summer Preview show on May 3.

Thanks for your understanding, and we’ll be back soon! If you’d like to send Kim some get well wishes, shoot it off to platinumrosel @!

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