Platinum Roses’ Garden – February 8 2009


This week in the Garden…

I’ve got more to say about the octuplets in California…we open Pandora’s Box in Fan Fiction (stop rolling your eyes)…reviews of Supernatural (“Sex And Violence”) and CSI (“Let It Bleed”)…the Dancing With The Stars Season 8 fantasy casting we did on our other podcast (and my DH insisted I put this in…)…Weird News that boldy goes where no weird news has gone before (oy!)…the latest on What I’m Reading…and my Roses And Thorns for the week.

Podsafe music this week from Justine Bennett (“Invisible”) and Modern Science (“Can’t Go Wrong”), courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network.

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I’ll see you next week in my Garden!

Platinum Roses’ Garden – February 1 2009


This week, I’m back with all the usual items growing in my garden…

We’ll talk about fan fiction, review the latest episodes of Supernatural (“Afterschool Special”) and CSI (“Disarmed And Dangerous”), check out what I’m reading, check out the latest weird news, and give my Roses and Thorns for the week, in a slightly different manner than usual.

Podsafe Music this week from Alyssa Hendrix (“Dragon”) (courtesy Podsafe Music Network) and Freezepop (“Here Comes A Special Boy”) (courtesy Freezepop).

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See you next week!

Platinum Roses’ Garden – January 25 2009


Welcome back to my Garden! My, my, my…all kinds of innnnteresting things growing this week….

As always we’ll check out what i’ve been doing this week; we’ll recommend some great fan fiction; we’ll have reviews of this week’s episodes of “Supernatural” (“Chris Angel Is A DoucheBag”) and “CSI:Crime Scene Investigation” (“The Grave Shift”); my latest book review; the weird news story of the week; and my Roses and Thorns for the week, both of which involve the Academy Award nominations…

Along the way we’ll hear two of my dear hubby’s favorite classic podsafe tunes, from Laura Clapp (“Not Responsible”) and Kevin Reeves (“Wasted”). Music courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network.

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See you next week!

Platinum Roses’ Garden – January 18 2009

This week, another sojourn into my twisted psyche, looking at the upcoming inauguration, talking about weather in New England – Ugh! – and a lot of really random sh…um, STUFF….

Plus reviews for Supernatural – "Family Remains", and CSI – "One To Go", and I got an early valentine…only its kind of red ‘n drippy….MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3-D reviewed.

And the usual stuff – What I’m Reading, Roses and Thorns (actually, a double rose this week), and other random petals…

Podsafe Music from Knapsack Heroes ("You Don’t Know Sarah") and Michael Mucklow ("Morning Solace"), courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network.


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