Platinum Rose’s Garden – March 1 2009


Dammit, we’re supposed to be planting, not digging the plants out of the stupid snow…>8-<

This week, we’re taking about the awful weather, hyping my fan fiction stories, plugging our Fan Fiction Writer Of The Week, reviewing Supernatural (“Wishful Thinking”) and CSI (“Kill Me If You Can”), looking at what i’m reading – I actually started a new book this week, yay! – paying homage to our Weird News Of the Week, and handing out a triple Rose (three, count ’em, THREE this week) and our Thorn of the week.

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Platinum Roses’ Garden – February 22 2009


Doing some plowing in the Garden this week…

We’ll discuss Boston’s “Running Of The Brides” and my own views on Matrimony (oh boy…); news about my latest fan fiction; the FanFiction author of the week, sammygirl1963. Also, reviews of this week’s Supernatural (“It’s The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester”) and CSI (“Miscarriage Of Justice”).

Also, what i’m reading (the same book…shame on me), and my short take on Mickey Rourke in “The Wrestler” (full review coming this weekend on Subject:CINEMA). We’ve also got our Weird News Of The Week, and my weekly Roses and Thorns.

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Platinum Roses’ Garden – February 16, 2009


I hope you all enjoy coming to my garden each week…I hear from so few of you…please write to me at and let me know you’re listening…it’s lonely out here amongst the chirping crickets…

This week, I will speak about President’s Day, my latest Fan Fiction and others fan fiction. I’ll have my usual reviews of SUPERNATURAL (“Yellow Fever”) and CSI (“Deep Fried And Minty Fresh”). my take on the new Friday The 13th film, what i’m currently reading, my Weird News of the week, and my Roses and Thorns.

Music on this episode is from X-Ray Dogs (“Alta Plaza”) and No Plastic Inside (“Circles On The Water”), courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network.

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See you next week! Plant food for everyone!

Platinum Roses’ Garden – February 8 2009


This week in the Garden…

I’ve got more to say about the octuplets in California…we open Pandora’s Box in Fan Fiction (stop rolling your eyes)…reviews of Supernatural (“Sex And Violence”) and CSI (“Let It Bleed”)…the Dancing With The Stars Season 8 fantasy casting we did on our other podcast (and my DH insisted I put this in…)…Weird News that boldy goes where no weird news has gone before (oy!)…the latest on What I’m Reading…and my Roses And Thorns for the week.

Podsafe music this week from Justine Bennett (“Invisible”) and Modern Science (“Can’t Go Wrong”), courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network.

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I’ll see you next week in my Garden!