It’s cold outside but the Garden’s always nice and warm…

Just another little show about nuttin’….OK, maybe not….

A little rant on freezing cold weather and what it does to this Lady’s bod…trust me, that’s not pretty….guess I’m getting old…which beats the alternative.

To heat things up, I’ve included my review of one HELL of a ride…It’s my review of Ghost Rider. Also, weird news, book reviews, a valentine rose, and a thorn that will make you shake your head.

All that and more in Platinum Rose’s Garden. Hope you sit down, relax, listen, and enjoy!

The garden is BACK! The platinum is still shiny…and the lady is STILL nuts!

Welcome back!

Sorry this lady’s been away, but I do have an explanation (does the phrase “sick as a dog” mean anything to you?). But that was then and this is now…and what have I been doing now? So GLAD you asked!

This week’s show talks about my recent trip back to the 80s, MY “Notes On A Scandal”, my two cents on TNA’s “Against All Odds” PPV, going on as I recorded this week’s show, an online techno-rose, and the thorny problem of the insensitive media.

All that and a whole lot of silliness, plus my “What I’m Reading” segment, and a weird news story that’s no “yoke”.

Hope you enjoy your stay in my Garden…and if you do, please leave me a note at

Talking turkey, travels, and TNA…

Talking turkey in my post-Thanksgiving show…an “Impact”-ful review of this week’s TNA show, a magical rose, and a really pesky thorn…

Music This Week:
Alan Renkl – Terra Firma

from the Podsafe Music Network

Talking Thanksgiving, prattling about penguins, bliss over Bond, and a Hobbit harangue…

It’s my Thanksgiving show! What am I thankful for? I’m thankful that I have a podshow that I hope someone is listening to! This week’s show includes a review of TNA’s PPV “Genesis,” a female perspective on X Sports. Also, put on your dancin’ shoes, i’m reviewing “Happy Feet”!

All this and more in my Garden. Hope you stop by and sit a spell!

This week’s song – Bob Hughes – The Time Has Come