Wrestling shout-outs, some spacey music, a word about a wonderful lady… and K-Fed

From this weeks show: Talking collections, being the Lost part of Lost and Found, Indy Wrestling, and NWA-TNA notes, a dedication of a Rose to a special lady, and a Thorn about Fed-Ex (and I’m not talking the delivery company here).

Music this week: Jeff Shields Podcast Troubador – Space Age Theme (Instrumental)

Cartoon mice, my eye for the wrestling guy, rants and more!

Music this week: Bob Hughes- Se Condi Dea (Courtesy Podsafe Music Network)

Talking cold weather, Halloween rules, a “Flushed Away” review, and the lady’s got a case of the Pre-Election blues…

It’s Time For Ghoulies, Ghosties, and CANDY!

Music this week: Alice Cooper – No More Mr Nice Guy (Live) (Courtesy Pod Safe Music Network)

It’s time for ghoulies, ghosties, and CANDY!!!! Talking Halloween, Batman vs Wolverine, and Pro Wreslting – and before anybody gets any smart ideas – YES I really am a woman – along with some new book ideas, and a rant about “T” time…

Welcome to the Garden of a Blooming Idiot…

Welcome to the garden of a blooming idiot. A little about who I am, and why I am. This is the first podcast I’ve ever done by myself (which I do realize makes my PHENOMINALLY lame, but let’s hear it for honesty, right), so if there are mistakes, and the sounds a little wonky… deal.