The garden is BACK! The platinum is still shiny…and the lady is STILL nuts!

Welcome back!

Sorry this lady’s been away, but I do have an explanation (does the phrase “sick as a dog” mean anything to you?). But that was then and this is now…and what have I been doing now? So GLAD you asked!

This week’s show talks about my recent trip back to the 80s, MY “Notes On A Scandal”, my two cents on TNA’s “Against All Odds” PPV, going on as I recorded this week’s show, an online techno-rose, and the thorny problem of the insensitive media.

All that and a whole lot of silliness, plus my “What I’m Reading” segment, and a weird news story that’s no “yoke”.

Hope you enjoy your stay in my Garden…and if you do, please leave me a note at

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