Platinum Roses’ Garden – February 22 2009


Doing some plowing in the Garden this week…

We’ll discuss Boston’s “Running Of The Brides” and my own views on Matrimony (oh boy…); news about my latest fan fiction; the FanFiction author of the week, sammygirl1963. Also, reviews of this week’s Supernatural (“It’s The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester”) and CSI (“Miscarriage Of Justice”).

Also, what i’m reading (the same book…shame on me), and my short take on Mickey Rourke in “The Wrestler” (full review coming this weekend on Subject:CINEMA). We’ve also got our Weird News Of The Week, and my weekly Roses and Thorns.

Time for some abject begging….please, Please, PLEASE write and let me know what you think of the show at! And I’ll see you next Sunday right here!

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