Oh my gosh, i’m a published author!

Roadhouse Some of my collected works as Platinum Rose Lady on FanFiction.Net have been collected along with those of other fans of the TV series Supernatural in a new book from Roadhouse Books.

“The Roadhouse Collection”, put together by DeeDee and Sarah of http://theroadhousecollection.wetpaint.com/, has over 3 dozen stories of all kinds from more than a dozen writers, and is the first undertaking of it’s kind for this little group of fans.

You can check out some of the stories on http://fanfiction.net/ (search PlatinumRoseLady), or better yet, support the efforts of these writers and the two ladies who pulled all the stories together by heading over to http://www.cafepress.com/RoadhouseBooks and picking up a copy of the book, which is $25.99. Help support the funds these people have put into the making of this book by ordering a copy for your library!

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