Explaining my absence

Hi, all you PRG fans…

I apologize for being gone most of the summer. Things have been hectic, and especially since mid-July, things have been crazee…and we’ve had all kinds of computery problems that my SO has to deal with because I don’t know what I’m doing in that area…heh heh heh…

First I appeared at an writers’ convention in Roanoke VA -that was a trip let me tell you, both getting to be there, and the actual TRIP…

Then right now, as we speak we’re only 2 days from the Boston Supernatural CreationCon, and a friend is already in town, so we’re doing the tourist thing while we wait.   If you’re going to be at Boston’s con, look around for us, you can’t miss me…:-)

My next show will recap both of these events, and it should be up on Sunday, August 14th.

Thanks so much for your patience…it hasn’t been easy for me either – i’ve got several shows backing up…:-)

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