URGENT for PNR Networks Fans: Prepare for file migration

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If you haven’t seen the news as yet, PNR Networks is one of the services that have been hit by what I’ve taken to calling the “MEVIO Massacre”. Although at last check most podcasts were up and online again, we have decided not to take chances with this in the future.

For more info on the situation, check out this post: http://techcrunch.com/2012/02/01/pro-tip-dont-pivot-your-way-into-irrelevancy/

This weekend, I  will begin to implement plans to move all files currently on Mevio – the podcasts themselves – to a new independent service platform. This move will affect all current PNR Networks podcasts –  Subject:CINEMA, Subject:CINEMA MICRO Focus, Mirrorball Mayhem, Platinum Roses’ Garden, and Cavebabble – as well as older shows archived on Mevio.

At the time this migration takes place, the podcast feeds WILL CHANGE. If you subscribe through any site other than this one, you will want to check your feed because it may no longer work. This especially affects anyone listening directly on Mevio or subscribing through our Mevio feed, which is the feed that has been made available on iTunes and other sites as well. It will take the better part of a week for me to find and catch up all the outlying feeds, so the easiest thing to do is this:

If you subscribe to our shows, you WILL need to unsubscribe and resubscribe to the new feeds once they are available.

Any PNR fan who may have some technical know-how who wants to make themselves available with advice and counsel during the next two weeks would be greatly appreciated – drop me a line at webmaster@popcornnroses.com and we’ll chat.

We will make a formal announcement at some point when the migration has completed so if you haven’t subscribed to the general RSS feed, now is the time to do it, because paraphrasing Emergency Broadcasting tests, “The attention signal sent our way by Mevio and contingency plans now being implemented by thousands of PISSED OFF podcasters will be followed by official PNR information, news, and instructions.”

Please hang with us in this time of crisis – I promise you we’ll get through this together!

TC Kirkham, Owner/Webmaster
PNR Networks


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