PRG feed changes

Hi All!

Since we last got together, you may have heard that Mevio is shutting down, leaving hundreds of podcasters in the lurch…the rat bastards…

Yes, that means Platinum Roses’ Garden, as well as all the PNR Networks podcasts, were hit by the issue.

But No Worries…DH got me situated and all of our past shows have been moved, and all new shows from this point on will be on our new host site, LibSyn.

It will take a couple weeks to get everything sorted out so there are no issues, but if you’re on Stitcher or Blubrry listening, you should be OK. Ditto listening on the site here, although this only for the first couple of shows until we get the individual links fixed. If you listen on iTunes, we should have this fixed over the weekend.

If you subscribe to our feed, please take the time to update your address: it is now

Let’s start a whispering campaign about the change of address and get the word out there, ok, kiddies? THANKS SO MUCH!

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